about us

Our Vision
A respected academic institute that endorses noble professional practices by creating new frontiers and developing ‘ethical’ dependable, entrepreneurial and socially sensitive leader-manager, educators and professionals committed to produce excellent results.

Our Mission
To create a sustainable education base through the pursuit of learning and developing professionalism that will create a competitive edge to perform at a national and global level.

It has an updated library to facilitate the process of teaching and learning. It has wide range of collection of books, periodicals, journals and growing collection of materials. Besides, we are also planning to set up E-library in near future.

Our Goal
Lumbini Adarsha Degree College is dedicated to further development of community and the global in every way possible.
i. To provide quality education on the basis of healthy competition.
ii. To support the nation ot achieve the national educational goals of country by the help of quality education.
iii. To provide relevant technical and professional education for the production of self dependent and sovereign manpowers.
iv. To conduct and manage the training, research, educational study, discovery, publicity etc. for the community development, environmental balance and quality of life.

Lumbini Adarsha Degree College has devised an effective system of regular and periodical internal examinations that every programme may be continually monitored. The internal examinations are valuable means to provide effective and regular feedback to the students and the parents. More over 20% internal assessment in all subject has become the most attractive salient feature of the university.
Required for Internal Evaluation:
– Assessment / Assignment
– Paper Presentation
– Attendance


  • – 4 Years B.Ed., B.A. & BBS
  • – One Year B.Ed.
  • – 2 Yrs. M.Ed.
  • – +2 (NEB)

Council of Research & Development
It is a branch to ensure academic excellence of this college. It encompasses the following objectives:
i. To coordinate research activities in every related academic field.
ii. To provide ideas of research methodology to the learners and researchers.
iii. To think of new fields of research to suit the aptitude of students.

Orientation Program for fresh students
Lumbini Adarsha Degree college understands that new entrants into the college come from different streams and social and economical background. To facilitate the process of adaption to the new environment at LADC and its academic milieu the college organizes orientation program for its new students in the benefits of team work and guides them to drive maximum benefits from their LADC experience. Eminent personalities from various walk of life are invited to address the students on topics related to education and career development.

Method of Instruction
The method of teaching in the M.Ed. programme will be a combination of several approaches, encompassing lecture, group discussion, PRA, demonstration etc. At same time seminar, term paper presentation assignment, case analysis, problem solving, practical experiences and field work approaches will be used as techniques of giving instruction in the courses. Obviously, students will be able to develop abilities for self learning, problem solving and critical thinking.